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I want to share my baking experiences with everyone and how it became a creative therapy for myself and encourage others to try it.

This isn't about perfect baking, make whatever you want to make!

if you want to mix recipes with layers of cake like lasagne then just

do it and have fun! 


My love of baking started when I was young watching my grandma cook, she made many of my birthday cakes and delicious meals. I used to bake cake from boxes then started to learn to bake from recipes

I found online or books. When my depression and anxiety became its worse, I turned to baking cakes to keep be busy at the weekend.

I would take cakes into work on a Monday morning for everyone to try.

Baking helped me a lot over the years, this gave me something to focus on when I felt anxious. I have recently began cooking more and trying new things, this started in 2020 when the pandemic stopped so much of normal life and gave me something to look forward to. I can't cook for my friends right now but when we get out of lockdown I will have some new meals to make to share. 

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