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Banoffee Cheesecake

I wanted to make something different for Christmas and not just a banoffee pie. There was already going to be a chocolate trifle so I planned to avoid having another chocolate dessert.

I started looking for a cheesecake recipe and came across this, I did change it a bit:


- 1 packet of lotus biscuits

- 100g Butter

Caramel layer

- 1 tin condensed milk

- 150g Dark brown sugar

- 150g Butter

Banana layer

- fry bananas in butter

Cheese cake

- 3 x 250g mascarpone cheese

- 85g Icing sugar

- 150ml Cream

I used lotus biscuits for the base as they are caramel biscuits as I thought about adding bisoff somewhere in the cheesecake too

I decided to make my own caramel, I have only done it once or twice before. It's slow to begin with and have to remember to mix lots and keep mixing!

I added that over the biscuit layer then stuck it back in the fridge - its important to stick it in the fridge after each layer to stop them mixing together.

I then moved on to the banana layer, frying in butter. I am not sure if the pan was high enough or if I cut the bananas too thin but they were all melting in together. I took them out as they were really soft and tried to layer them in a nice pattern so it was equal.

The final layer the cheesecake. In the end I kept it plain (well vanila) as I felt there was already a lot going on in the other layers and the cheesecake part would be how the cream layer is on a banoffee pie.

I realised I should have kept some caramel to decorate the top, I instead used some ice cream caramel sauce but it was so runny I removed some. I made a pattern with a fork to mix it up a little before putting it int he fridge ready for Christmas Day.

Christmas Day was busy and full of champagne, I forgot to take a photo of the cheesecake but my mother sent me this photo. We all loved the cheesecake so will definitely make it again.

Double dessert for pudding Christmas Day . YUM!

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